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January 21- February 11 : 1 MIllion Cups is pairing with Bad Girl Ventures to bring you 4 weeks of female entreprenuers! Bad Girl Ventures is an accelerator program for female entrepreneurs and small business owners with possible funding up to $25,000. Follow them on facebook and visit them at www.badgirlventures.com.

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April 01, 2015
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Hatha Communications

katherine Bulava @hathacomm

Hatha Communications works hard to heighten the reputation and visibility of its clients. Offering public relations, media relations and digital media assistance, Hatha Communications helps clients working in community development, economic development, foreclosure prevention and neighborhood revitalization establish themselves as leaders and innovators by increasing their exposure and extending their reach. It approaches clients’ communications needs in a comprehensive, holistic manner. Striving to further the client/audience relationship by acting as a catalyst, connector, champion, bridge builder, strategic integrator and facilitator, Hatha Communications provides balanced, communications services focused on our clients’ individual needs.

Meet the Organizers

Carl Shotwell carl_talks

Carl is a builder of ideas, good and bad alike. His passion for entrepreneurship and community stems from a lifelong involvement in a family run small business. He spends his time learning, speaking, and finding new ways to bridge communities.

Cole Worley scwbkk

Cole is a marketer, Cleveland native and passionate community builder. After launching brands and new businesses in Asia, helping companies leverage new mobile technologies and building better entrepreneurs through yearly StartupBus events, he is excited to connect and help his hometown entrepreneurs succeed.

Colleen Beyer thegaper_cb

Colleen loves learning about people and their stories and is passionate about helping others succeed. She has recently begun her entrepreneurial journey by joining Borrow Vintage + Eclectic Rentals and is excited to contribute to its growth and the growth of Cleveland as a community.
Borrow Rentals

Jose Vasquez JAV2

Jose Vasquez is a serial entrepreneur and tech enthusiast dedicated to helping startup technology companies grow. As the founder of Build. Brand. Blast. and founder and CEO of Quez Media Marketing, Jose spends most of his days consulting, encouraging, and supporting entrepreneurs.
Build. Brand. Blast.

Proudly Sponsored By

Quez Media Marketing is the top Cleveland marketing firm and website design provider. We provide total marketing communications to allow targeted, personalized cross-media campaigns. SEO, web design and social media services in Cleveland, OH.

Hotcards is a full-service graphic design house and print shop printing more than 10 million flyers and postcards a week!

Past Presenters



Gigfinity is what we think a modern chamber of commerce should be. We provide a hub for small businesses to market themselves, get meaningful sales leads, connect with the community, and match jobseekers with local opportunities. We’re an online marketplace where commerce happens.

Beegit, LLC


Beegit is an online platform for content marketers to organize their text, communication and team. In addition to our platform, we offer support and resources to help companies kickstart their content marketing.

Femtobiology, Inc.


Femtobiology is a start-up life science company that will revolutionize cancer detection and diagnosis via the application of proprietary, patented technology called pIP/IA (for “protein Isoform Profile/ Immunoassay”), which utilizes revolutionary microfluidic separation, digital isoelectric fractionation (dIEF), and immunodetection of aggressive glycoprotein biomarker isoforms to specifically detect aggressive cancer with higher sensitivity and specificity. We plan to bring this technology to market via a cancer reference medical laboratory service. The laboratory will offer single and multiplex cancer biomarker blood tests for improved clinical cancer screening, and for development of companion diagnostic tests for pharmaceutical companies. Target cancer panels include prostate, breast, ovarian, lung, hepatocellular, testicular, osteosarcoma, and pancreatic cancers, leveraging the breadth of opportunity afforded by an exclusively licensed $30 million U.S. government-funded investment in microfluidic biotechnology for cancer biomarker applications developed at the Sandia National Laboratories. The first test panel will fractionate prostate specific antigen (PSA) isoforms for the detection of aggressive prostate cancer.

Thriller BMX LLC


Bike Stunt team Corporate events School shows Fairs Half time Advertising

BAAB Writing and Marketing Services


I help entrepreneurs and multimillion-dollar companies write business communications that intrigue and propel people to open up their wallets.

Red Lotus Foods


We make spreads and toppings from fermented raw organic cashews. We have five products in our line: Creamy Cashew Spread (similar to cream cheese) in three flavors (Roasted Garlic and Herb, Sun-dried Tomato and Black Garlic, and Spirulina Bleu); Sour&Creamy Topping (similar to dairy sour cream); and Sweet Cashew Creme (with dates, maple syrup, coconut milk, and cinnamon). These products appeal to vegans and vegetarians, health nuts, lactose intolerant individuals, and foodies, among others.

Brewnuts is the lovechild of two Clevelander's who decided to wrap all their favorite things in to one epic treat: a craft-beer based donut.

Outside the Lines Creative Group, LLC


Outside the Lines Creative Group is a creative communications consulting firm that develops cartoon campaigns and whiteboard videos to help businesses deliver important message to their employees and/or customers. Our cartoon characters are customized for each organization -- and our campaigns have won several platinum and gold awards in international communication/marketing competitions.

Not only are we a full-service, epic graphic design house – but we also print more than Ten Million postcards and flyers per week! With multiple locations Nationwide, we’re here to deliver marketing solutions including Creative, Print, Promotional Products, Apparel, Warehousing, Technology and Logistics/Fulfillment.

The Entrepreneurial Learning Initiative


Entrepreneurship curriculum and faculty development company.



MaterialHawk is the one-stop marketplace for manufacturing's primary metal needs. The site can be used by manufacturers to receive quotes from current or potential suppliers and similarly by suppliers to find manufacturers in need of their product. By using the quick and easy MaterialHawk platform, manufacturers and suppliers will save countless man-hours allowing them to run more efficiently and effectively .

Hey Now! Media


Hey Now! Media makes really cool stuff. We build business identities from scratch that help you stand out with everything from logos to websites, even newsletters and social media content.

Magnolia Dreams LLC


Magnolia Dreams is encouraging students 1 dream at a time by taking the care package for college students to a WHOLE new level with more natural and organic products. To help support student success, we help parents take the work out of caring by providing quality, convenience, and value.

Six Smart Tech, LLC


Design, manufacture and market new innovative products

Molecular Forges LLC is a specialty chemicals manufacturing company which makes very valuable high specificity chemicals which are primarily used in biomedical research. There is a very fragmented distribution market for these products and only a few manufacturers who are not innovative, making the competitive dynamics ideal for rapid take over of a small but very profitable market. Adjacent markets offer organic growth opportunities, as does growth by strategic acquisition within our niche core.

Innovative Integrations Inc. i3


i3 is bringing high-quality automation to small businesses and homes for a fraction of the cost of other solutions. It all starts with our multi-zone climate control, which lets you set temperatures for every room instead of for the whole building or house. It doesn't just make everyone more comfortable—it also has saved our clients up to 50% on their energy bills!



Sociagram is a cloud based video platform. GiftGram enables online shoppers to record a video greeting that will be delivered by email, Facebook or text message to recipients when gifts ordered from any website arrive at their door.

my Boosters Fundraising


Easy and safe online fundraising for youth sports and activities.

Payr is a mobile payment solution that allows integration with a restaurant's or bar's point of sale system. After downloading the free app on their smart phone, registering yourself and up to three credit cards on it, and identifying any place that uses Payr, then you can walk in, order anything you normally would, have them pop up on your phone in real time, and close out the bill on your phone with a tip as you like when you like even without ever seeing your server again. It's perfect for the crowded bar

Animal Oralectrics LLC


Animal Oralectrics is the developer of the Zumby oral care device for dogs that is disguised as a chew toy. Zumby uses micro-current technology to kill the oral bacteria associated with bad breath ("doggie breath") and gum disease. Gum disease affects 80% of dogs age 3 or older and is the most common disease found in dogs.

Nina Lau'Rens


Nina Lau’Rens is an innovative home-based bakery owned and operated by Antoinette Mathis. Our signature product is the Cakeball & Cakepop. Cakeballs & Cakepops are made of delicious cake, icing and dipped milk or white chocoalte. My mission is to serve the greater Cleveland area with high quality baked goods in a unique and creative way. Our products offer a big taste in a small package, We take pride in offering one-of-a-kind displays for any special occasion as well as special treats for any occasion.

Downs Designs and NBZ Jeans

www.downsdesigns.com and www.nbzjeans.com

Downs Designs retails jeans specifically designed for the unique body shape of a person with Down syndrome NBZ Jeans makes stretchy, elastic waist jeans for men and boys that have a disability or issue with manipulating a button and zipper.

iTech Brokerage


We are the IT "Angie's List", IT "BBB" and IT "Matchmaker" for Cleveland, Ohio SMB and their IT needs. We are a "Matchmaker" between local Midsize Companies and all of the local IT Service Vendors.

Bright Green Gift Store


Downtown Cleveland’s store for organic and natural gifts offering products from local farmers, jewelry makers, florists, beekeepers and artisans of all types. A collaboration of local business representing the best organic and natural in Cleveland

Hema Imaging LLC


We make an affordable thermal imaging smarphone attachment to give thermal imaging capability for tradespeople, consumers and professionals. Thermal imaging is very useful for repair, construction and maintenance of buildings as well as optimizing energy performance, and is very useful for spotting subtle water damage and thereby helping to prevent mold. However, it has always been too expensive for most users, which we are working to change with the Hema-Imager, on Kickstarter for 10 more days at http://kck.st/1saMXZ4.



We are a platform that allows users to wager on desktop and mobile games.

Harness Cycle


A cycling studio located in the newly revitalized Hingetown neighborhood of Cleveland's near west side. A riders retreat - Harness is quickly becoming this city's favorite way to sweat and renew! Lead by a team of experienced instructors, each class is carefully crafted to energize a room full of riders. We don't miss a beat, riding to the rhythm of the music. Every class offers an intense full-body workout that goes beyond cardio - core, arms and the use of hand weights are always incorporated. Harness Cycle is a perfect formula of sweat, strength, reflection and recovery.



We improve personal well-being by inspiring movement in groups.

Chroma Design LLC


Chroma Design LLC is a boutique interior design firm specializing in Hospitality, Senior Living and Commercial spaces. Designs are created using 3D Building Information Modeling (BIM) software showing clients how spaces will look before they are built. Chroma Design LLC is dedicated to producing accurate documents, on-schedule and within budget. This facilitates our mission to make the construction and development process more enjoyable.

A legal service company offering access to legal services for individuals, and businesses.

3MB Capital LLC


We are a real estate investment company. We own over 100 apartment units in Ohio City, Detroit Shoreway/Gordon Square, and Lakewood. Soon we'll have everything real estate in-house -- real estate brokerage, property management company, investment firm, and construction & development company.

Approximatrix, LLC


Approximatrix is the developer of Simply Fortran, a powerful, modern integrated development environment for working with Fortran on Microsoft Windows and compatible operating systems. In addition to constantly improving Simply Fortran and providing personalized support for customers, Approximatrix also offers services centered around numerical computing and data analysis.

Real Time Imaging Technologies, LLC


The low dose x-ray imaging system (LDXI) will reduce radiation dosage and help simplify dental procedures by making them easier, safer and more efficient to perform through an innovative low-dose real-time imaging technology

Boy Culture Clothing


Boy Culture Clothing is an American Skateboard brand that is engaged in design, development and worldwide marketing and selling of all natural skateboard apparel. We are a brand that uses a unique blend of synthetic and natural fibers in our yarn that accelerates the water release rate in the fabrics. Our material is all natural and not chemically altered, to ensure the comfort of every skater. Boy Culture Clothing will produce all natural performance apparel and padded protection jeans to decrease injury.

Cowork Tremont


Flexible, affordable workspaces for start-ups and small teams in Cleveland's best Neighborhood.

Prelude2Cinema LLC


Prelude2Cinema LLC is a Movie & Marketing Company that promotes businesses using show biz marketing techniques, including branded entertainment, a form of product placement, wherein a business is creatively written into a dramatic production.

Prezto, Inc.


Prezto makes giving gifts easy, instantaneous and social. The Prezto mobile app allows gift givers to immediately and remotely transport a gift to a recipient through the press of a button. The gift giver, through their text- messaging app, attaches an image of a gift such as that of a coffee to their text message as easily as one might attach and send an emoticon. The gift recipient receives the image that includes a QR code, allowing them to instantly redeem that gift symbolized by the gift image. For example, a person running late to a meeting at Starbucks who wants to send the waiting friend a cup of coffee to apologize for their lateness may do so by using Prezto. The gift recipient may play with the interactive image received and then redeem the fresh cup of coffee at the coffee shop where he/she is waiting—exchanging the QR code on the back of the gift image for the real cup of coffee. Prezto charges gift givers a $0.50 delivery fee per transaction and merchants a 1.5% processing fee.



We offer a widget that allows online publishers to charge for online content without requiring a subscription. Installing the widget takes about a minute, and purchasing takes about 4 seconds.



Laughstaff is the first speech-writing company to use stand-up comedians from around the country as consultants. To date we have helped over 100 best men and matrons of honor deliver wedding toasts that are heartfelt, hilarious and memorable for the right reasons. Clients have can choose from three speech packages and select which comedian they would like to work with. The Laughstaff comedians are based all over the United States and have written for the likes of Saturday Night Live and Howard Stern.

216 Software, LLC


Simply put, 216 Software converts your ideas into working software. Our clients are people that see opportunities for new products but don't have the technical resources to build those products. We work with early-stage startups that need a minimum viable product and we work with larger businesses that want help with something outside their core expertise. In particular, we're really good at designing obvious user interfaces, solving scalability problems, and web and mobile development.

Vision Yoga & Wellness


Whether you are brand new to Yoga and need one-on-one personalized instruction or you are a seasoned Yogi, there’s something for everyone at Vision Yoga & Wellness. Located in the heart of Ohio City, we offer traditional and alignment-based yoga classes as well as health and wellness services ranging from acupuncture & massage therapy to workshops and corporate wellness.

Edwins Leadership & Restaurant Institute


EDWINS Leadership & Restaurant Institute is a unique approach at giving formerly-incarcerated adults a foundation in the hospitality industry while providing a support network necessary for a successful reentry. EDWINS goals is to enhance the community of Cleveland’s vulnerable neighborhoods by providing its future leaders. Our mission is to teach a skilled trade in the culinary arts, empower willing minds through passion for the hospitality industry and prepare students for a successful transition into the world of business professionals.

NOOMA is an electrolyte hydration drink, specifically designed for the health conscious, fitness enthusiast. Most notably, NOOMA does not have any acid or preservatives, giving it a light smooth taste. Additionally, NOOMA contains only 10 calories and 2 grams of organic sugar and has a hydrating electrolyte mix with high potassium and low sodium. The drink has no artificial flavors or sweeteners, colors or GMOs and is vegan friendly. NOOMA has gained traction in the yoga, spinning and CrossFit communities.

Babl Media


Babl Media is a local innovation agency specializing in custom software, branding, design, and marketing for interesting companies ranging from startups to Fortune 500 corporations. Based out of the LaunchHouse, we have helped launch over a dozen tech based startups over the last three years. Our approach helps these companies not only build their brand and tech platforms, but also guide them through the process of starting a new business.

Fierce Fitness CLE


We take pride in being "Your leader in Group Fitness". With offering over 20 group fitness classes a week from Zumba® to TRX, your bound to find something that works for you, and your fitness needs.

Chutney Rolls


At Chutney Rolls, our mission is to "Deliver Joy". We do this through delicious food (fun, tasty, and novel flavors of the Indian cuisine into wraps, rice bowls and salad bowls), a very personable and engaging customer service and a bright, vibrant and uniquely local physical setting.

HER Ideas in Motion


HER Ideas in Motion is a Cleveland-based 501c3 nonprofit corporation focused on helping girls achieve in technology and media arts. Through hands-on workshops and tech clubs, girls learn technical and creative skills from professionals, while building their own projects. In addition, HER Ideas in Motion has developed a women-led approach that combines female technical and creative professionals teaching and mentoring girls to provide access to female role models in these fields. Through education and empowerment, HER Ideas in Motion aims to close the gender gap of the less than ¼ percent ratio of women to men working in these fields.

Borrow Vintage + Eclectic Rentals


BORROW is a custom rental house for beautiful and unique furniture and accessories. Our pieces range from rustic vintage wares to one of a kind up-cycled wood furniture. We love working for our clients and providing them with one-of-a-kind options to create a truly spectacular occasion filled with wonderful design.

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